Sky is not the limit for Rick and Morty

When it comes to the Rick and Morty show, sky is not the limit for imagination. Not even one solar system or universe is enough for the troubles they are capable of making and then embarking on solving them.Do you want to learn more? Visit Thus, the alternate universe, queer planets, virtual realities; all existing along with places like the regular old-fashioned American diner Shoney’s.  

Justin Roil and and Dan Harmon have left no stones unturned when it comes to the show and inventions happening in Rick’s garage. The accidental discoveries occurring here and the ensuing complications form the basis of the episodes. Great many things have taken form and force here from love potion for Morty to Butter Robot to cognition amplifier.Haven’t you thought of using at least a few of those freaking gadgets on some of the people you know? Of course, you have. Who are we kidding here!!!

With its crazy episodes, the show has garnered a reputation for being capable of pulling off every conceivable sci-fi idea on earth. However, it does not allow the depth of the plot, the feelings and perceptions of the cast to be lost in the sci-fi-ness of the show. The characters are as much human as you are and struggle with the same insecurities. They need love and understanding as much as you do. They also have relationship struggles and suffer from jealousy. Maybe they have fun, a tad more than you do, and they get to save the world once in a while.Other than that, no… they are the same.

This is probably why the audience have taken Rick and Morty to their hearts.

However, the end message is still the same and etched in every frame of the show. Life is short. Shit happens. Don’t take life too seriously and enjoy while you are at it.

Oh yes, and don’t forget to watch the next episode of Rick and Morty.